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Football Parties UK – Southampton

Address: Minstead Avenue, Harefield , Southampton, SO18 5FW
Contact: 0800 433 2454 / 07927024889
Max. Number Of Children: 25
Party Length: 2 hours
Total Cost: £185.00

Football Parties UK in coastal city of Southampton use the indoor facilities at Woodland’s Community College. The party will consist of 90-minutes football activity, followed by 30 minutes for your own personal use, meaning that the party will last for 2 hours. Each child will get their own personal certificate, while the birthday child will benefit from their own personal card and present from Football Parties UK.

Package Includes:
• 2 hours Use of our Southampton venue
• 90-minutes of skill games and tournaments for up to 25 children
• 30-minutes personal use of the venue
• Your own fun & personal football coach
• Professional football equipment and goals provided by the coach
• Personalised party invitations (PDF/Word Documents)
• Personalised Football Parties UK Certificate for each child
• A card for the birthday child
• A present for the birthday child

Why not make your party more personal with some fantastic extras? (optional)
• A Football Parties UK Medal: £1.50 per child
• A Football Parties UK Bottle: £2.50 per child
• A Football As A Gift: £3.50 per child
• A Football Parties UK Trophy: £5.00 per birthday child
• Make It A Joint Party: £5.00

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