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Football Parties UK – Camberley

Address: School Lane, Yateley GU46 6NW
Contact: 0800 433 2454 / 0333 577 2454
Max. Number Of Children: 30
90-Minute Party Length: £149.00
2-Hour Length Cost: £179.00

At our Camberley venue we use the fantastic facilities of Yatley School Sports Hall to run our football parties. The party is structured over either 90 minutes or 120 minutes and consists of between 60 & 90-minutes football activity, followed by 30 minutes for your own personal use. This could be used for anything from party games to refreshments, finishing off an unforgettable day.

Package Includes:
• Between 90-minutes & 2 hours use of our Camberley venue
• 60 Or 90-minutes of skill games and tournaments for up to 30 children
• 30-minutes personal use of the venue
• Your own fun & personal football coach
• Professional football equipment and goals provided by the coach
• Personalised party invitations (PDF/Word Documents)
• Personalised Football Parties UK Certificate for each child
• A card for the birthday child
• A present for the birthday child

Why not make your party more personal with some fantastic extras? (optional)
• A Football Parties UK Medal: £0.99 per child
• A Football Parties UK Bottle: £1.99 per child
• A Football As A Gift: £2.99 per child
• A Football Parties UK Trophy: £4.99 per birthday child
• Make It A Joint Party: £4.99

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