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Football Parties in Kent |


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Which areas are you able to provide football parties to?

We are currently able to provide parties in most parts of England & South Wales

What packages do you offer?

We currently offer 5 types of parties – The Mini Soccer Stars Party, The Super Soccer Stars Party, The Soccer Star Legends Party & The Ultimate Football Party. Within those parties we offer the following packages: – Champions League Package (you hire the venue) – World Cup Package (we hire the venue)

Do you provide age appropriate football games?

Yes. We play different games depending on which age the children are at the party. For example different games would be played for a party of children aged 5 than children aged 11.

How is the party structured? Your coach will arrive 10-15 minutes before the party to set-up. The first half of the party will consist of fun warm-up games and football skill challenges. In the second half of the party the children will take part in an exciting football tournament. The party will then be finished off with a memorable presentation. If you are putting on food for the children, this will be served at the end of the party.

Can you book a venue for me?

Yes. We have regular venues that we use in England & South Wales but will depend on what is available on your party dates. For this option please select the world cup package.

Who will be running my party?

We have a selection of fun, experienced and child friendly coaches who will be designated to do your party. All football coaches are FA Qualified and are sent to each party with the goal to make the day fun & exciting for the children and relaxing & stress free for the adults.

Do you charge any extra for coaches travelling time?

No. The price is fixed and has already accommodated the coaches’ expenses.

I have a question that is not on this page?

If you have other questions please call 0800 433 2454 or 0333 577 2454 and one of our team will be happy to help.